Concrete Works Installation For Middletown Water Garden & Side Walk

Peaceful, refined, and a touch of nature. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting down and reading a book or just meditating beside a pond. Ponds and waterfalls add a level of naturalistic beauty to your yard. They help support a natural ecosystem of wildlife and plants.

Modern ponds can add a more sophisticated look. Using urban materials, such as marble or tile, they can expand your yard and create excellent lines between one outside area and another.

Modern Ponds can add a more sophisticated look using urban materials, such as marble or tile…

Regardless of the materials used, you are sure to enjoy this extraordinary water feature in your backyard.

Our ponds go great with these other projects:

  • Patios
  • Pools
  • Retaining Walls
  • Fireplaces

Materials and Features

One of the nice things about ponds is how easy they are to customize. Concrete Works of Georgia includes these water features:

    • Waterfalls: These are the star feature of every pond. They help the natural beauty of the pond, while also allowing the water on the surface of the pond to move. This lowers the risk of bugs and gives fish added oxygen. Materials include stone, slate tile, and concrete.
    • Water Plants: Plants are essential to any pond. They not only add to the aesthetics of your water garden, but they help bring a natural balance to your pond.
  • Lighting and Other features: Lights, stone borders, fountains, and outdoor furniture are other options you can choose from.

Be sure to contact a Concrete Works Installation specialist when deciding these and other features for your water garden.

Sidewalks and Paths

Sidewalks are essential for any home and garden, providing a smooth, long-lasting path for your friends and family. The sidewalk can be as simple as the one in front of your yard or as intricate as pathways going around your land.

Installing a new pathway in your yard? You have many options to choose from. Materials such as concrete, brick, stone, and gravel can be used to set the right tone and texture. Each of these materials also comes with a large palette of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, so you are sure to find the winning combination for your project.

Materials such as concrete, brick, stone, and gravel can be used to set the right tone and texture.


Walkways for your home and business are much like their sidewalk counterparts, but larger. Wide and with smaller curves they can also be used for recreational uses or small informal meeting places.

With a large variety of styles and materials, Concrete Works can design and build your walkway to fit the specific style you are looking for. Materials include concrete, slate, brick, and stone with many colors and textures to choose from.