Beacon Concrete Driveways Increase Your Home’s Value

Looking to increase your home’s value? A concrete driveway is a great way to do so. Concrete driveways are the most cost-effective improvement you can make to your home or your property since they are not only universally considered to be attractive, but they also are built to last several decades without needing to be replaced or even repaired.

Asphalt driveways are cheaper, but these blacktop substitutes have to be resealed every few years. While concrete driveways are immune to the salt and de-icing solutions used in winter, an asphalt driveway will deteriorate even faster after a couple of harsh winters. Concrete driveways also are excellent alternatives to rock driveways which are costly to maintain, and difficult to keep clear of snow in the winter, and leaves in the fall.

Beacon Concrete driveways also offer an additional design element to your property. Your options are nearly unlimited in terms of color and even texture. Your concrete driveway can be a smooth swathe of your favorite color or resemble nearly any other material. Get the look of flagstone or even slate with stamped and colored concrete, but without the upkeep, or the pesky and unsightly weeds that grow between the stones.

Add interest with pebbles or even shells in the concrete. Make your concrete driveway into a personal statement by adding a favorite design or your family crest. Make your concrete driveway a little wider for an extra parking space that will significantly add to your home’s value.

When you begin to look for a concrete contractor to execute your vision for your home, start by asking potential concrete contractors for information about what they can provide you. Ask them to show you photos of their past concrete driveway installations, and for references that you can call.

Before you sign a contract with a concrete contractor to install your new driveway ask at least three concrete contractors to provide you with written estimates that detail how much your concrete driveway will cost, including materials and labor, as well as exactly what they will be doing.

While installing a concrete driveway is not an overly expensive way to add value to your home, you should still remember that this is an investment, and treat it as such. This means choosing the concrete contractor who has both a reasonable price and excellent references rather than the concrete contractor who is cheapest but lacks references.